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Company Strengths

SL Agritech Corporation’s strength lies in our cohesive processes and ardent commitment to our corporate values that shape our daily operations. With our strong aspiration to develop quality products that can lead to our stakeholders’ prosperity, we strive to sustain and develop our competitive strengths that will lift our goals to reality.


Innovation of high-yielding and superior quality rice

We have a dedicated research and development team who are focused on the development of proprietary hybrid rice seeds and superior quality rice. Through our continuous research and innovation, and use of hybridization technology, we are able to produce high-yielding rice varieties and delicious tasting premium quality rice. Our hybrid rice seeds, which are suitable for both wet and dry season, help farmers to have a better life and future. While our premium packaged rice gives a better and more delightful eating experience to our consumers.


Strong market position

We currently dominate the market for the hybrid rice in the country. The demand for our hybrid rice varieties has been increasing over the years. These hybrids are extensively tested by our researchers and breeders and only the best are selected for commercial use. As a market leader, we continuously enhance our expertise in producing hybrid seeds and we keep on expanding our production and distribution all over the country and in other countries to meet the demands of the market. We also employ aggressive and innovative marketing strategies such as harvest festivals, seminars, technical farm demonstrations, contests and promos to further expand our market share.


Fully integrated operations

We take great care to protect the goodness of our products at every step. We manage all aspects of seeds and rice production using our modern farming techniques and fully integrated operation system from research and development, hybridization of seeds, planting, harvesting, milling, packing, and up to distribution to ensure that our products will meet the highest levels of quality and safety.


Quality and Safety

We produce rice products that comply with the established quality standards and regulatory requirements to delight our customers.


ISO Certified

We implement a quality management system to deliver a consistent level of quality products and services to our customers.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certified

We are committed to comply with the international standards for food safety management and product quality.


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified

We ensure the integrity of our food manufacturing process and we also adhere with food safety regulations.


HALAL Certified

We demonstrate compliance with the Halal Authority Board (HAB) Standard.